Travel Guide : Part 1

Traveling for first time? I know how hesitant i was before getting on the flight for first time, I kept constantly asking myself have i missed any document ? What happen after arriving at the airport and arriving in a complete new country thousands of miles away from home. But, at last i made it and i’m glad to say the journey was smooth.

If you are someone who have never traveled on a plane and have thousands of questions, this guide will answer you all.

1. Important Documents

The two important things you need is Passport and VISA. Sometimes Passport and Visa are not only two things that you need while traveling abroad, If you are visiting countries where yellow fever is prevalent you might need to carry medical certificates in handy. Make sure to know what things you need to carry and what not. This information can be obtained by looking up the VISA Section of the wikipedia section.

Eg : Use VisaInfo website to know more info regarding visa for your country.

2. Tickets

If you want to travel on a budget then book tickets at least before 20 days – 1 month because there will be a difference in ticket rate that was booked 20 days – 1 month ago and tickets that are booked at last moment.

Don’t refresh the page hundred times while searching for tickets, it might trigger the website and it will keep increasing.

Clear the Browser cache before searching or better use your phone or third party aggregators.

Pro tip : Use, it is a Flight aggreator site which shows the prices of various flights sorting “high” to “low” and by “stops” and “durations”

3. Hotels – Hostels

If you are a solo backpacker then Hostels are the best ways to minimize your budget, Hotels might cost you somewhere between 20$-200$ depending on the stars. But, If you choose Hostels it might be somewhere around 10-30$ max. price. But, of course Hostels wouldn’t come anywhere close to Hotels especially compared to hospitality and comfort.

Use or to Get best deals on Hostels and Hotels and always Make sure to check the local websites before booking directly

4. Language

This is the most important thing if you are traveling to a country where people doesn’t speak your language, try to learn few basic words such as greetings, currency numbers or just use Google Translate if you feel it’s hard.

Like If you are traveling to Indonesia then you might want to learn the names of the currency notes such as (Sepuluh – 10) (Dua Puluh – 20)

This way you seem like you are from within the country and also will stop from getting scammed

I’ll keep adding more guides to this list. Please stay tuned. See you until next time.

Have a good day.

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